What Is The First Thing You Should Have When Cooking Thai Food?

Today is a first lesson. Oh! I do not want to call it a lesson because it sounds too formal. It is our first chat about Thai cooking. My friends always keep asking me if they want to cook Thai food, what is the first thing they should have? That is my topic today. When you see my question above. What is your answer ? you might think about something like cooking skills, inspiration, creative idea or any other big words. No! it is not what I mean. Actually, I just want to ask you what you should have (in the kitchen) when cooking Thai food. Basically, there are 5 things that you should have in your kitchen when cooking Thai food. These are:

1. Fish sauce

2. Light soy sauce

3. Dark soy sauce

4. Oyster sauce

5. Garlic

That is it. I think 90% of Thai food will use 2-3 of those stuffs when cooking. So now you know what you should have in your kitchen if you want to cook Thai food. Do not waste your time. Go buy it now.You can buy those 5 stuffs from any supermarket near you. The total price should not be more than $10.00 and you can use it for a year.

Okay, that is all for today. Next time we will start cooking Thai food. Do not worry. As I told you my blog will teach you how to cook Thai food with easy step by step. You can cook it like a pro for sure. I guarantee !